Here at BTC.ECO we strive to be environmentally conscious in everything we do. This is why in addition to hosting our website at “Green Geeks”, the world’s most environmentally friendly web host, we also donate 2% of all revenues generated by our business directory to which is an organization that is fighting for the use of cleaner energy and is working towards building renewable sources.

In addition to our sustainability efforts, we also plan to support future economic equality initiatives by donating to organizations that are actively working to democratize access to currency/finances using Bitcoin. We believe that this technology can be used to help people in underbanked parts of the world. Blockchain technology can be used to help quickly transact and engage in commerce around the world.

As a member of we have have made a pledge.

“We pledge to support positive change for the planet and to be honest when sharing information on environmental actions.” Jul 14, 2020